Acatris Introduces New Food Grade Soy Ingredient

Minneapolis, MN – Acatris USA Inc., along with Acatris Holding B.V., Giessen, The Netherlands, are pleased to announce the addition of a new soy ingredient to its family of soy products. SoyLife® FocusTM is a food grade soy germ ingredient, which is immediately available for inclusion in health-based foods.

With interest in and purchase of soyfoods greater than ever, food manufacturers are challenged with developing soyfoods that are both healthful and competitively priced. In response to this challenge, Acatris has developed a soy germ ingredient that delivers the healthful benefits of soy while still offering the best value for the dollar. SoyLife® FocusTM; is roasted soy germ available either as whole germs or milled germ, which delivers a wholesome, natural, and satisfying visual image when used in finished food products. The ingredient can be used as a main bread ingredient or to sprinkle the tops of breads or bars, added directly to cereals, coated with chocolate in clusters, or in a variety of other common food formulations. SoyLife® FocusTM offers a guaranteed level of isoflavones, and on a per milligram of isoflavone comparison, is a lower cost alternative to soy grits. Because it does not have a typical “beany” soy flavor, it is convenient to use in foods with or without other soy ingredients. In addition to isoflavones, SoyLife® FocusTM; contains a wealth of other health-preserving nutrients including protein, vitamin E, saponins, folic acid, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and fiber, which act synergistically to confer the health benefits of soy.

Contact Walt Wilms, Food Sales Manager (USA) at 952-920-7700, [email protected]; or Liesbeth Neven, Product Manager, (Europe) at 31-183-44-6377, [email protected] for further information.

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