Acatris Launches New Grade of Fenulife

New Ingredient Targets Food Products

Minneapolis – Acatris Inc. today announced the launch of FenuLife Concentrate, a new grade of FenuLife®, designed specifically for use in functional foods. FenuLife Concentrate is a fiber ingredient clinically proven to slow carb absorption, which can be used in foods to help consumers manage their carbohydrate intake and promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss.

Acatris created FenuLife Concentrate with food manufactures in mind as consumers continue to watch their carbohydrate intake. Health experts recognize the importance of Glycemic Index (GI) in a “low-carb,” or “slow-carb,” diet. GI is a measure for how fast a food that contains carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels after consumption. Foods with slowly digestible carbohydrates will have a low GI and will minimally raise blood sugar and insulin levels.

“FenuLife Concentrate is a new generation of fiber specifically designed to work as an emulsifier and stabilizer in food products,” said Laurent Leduc, president of the North American Health Division of Acatris. “Already known for its health benefits, this brand new grade of FenuLife provides foods with a source of soluble fiber and can improve the glycemic index of a product.”

Used in functional foods items, this fiber can help consumers manage their ‘carb’ absorption by lowering the GI, therefore turning fast carbs into slow carbs. This may help to prevent health problems such as weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. FenuLife Concentrate’s GI lowering properties also help prevent sharp spikes in blood sugar and insulin normally found with carbohydrate intake.

FenuLife Concentrate also may be beneficial for food product developers looking for stabilizers. The fenugreek galactomannans in FenuLife Concentrate have been shown to have the highest water solubility and functionality studies show this fiber to have superior emulsification properties.

FenuLife Concentrate is a standardized source of fenugreek galactomannans with health benefits for blood sugar control, weight management, reflux control, heart health and gut health.

Acatris, division of the Dutch Royal Schouten Group, is an international organization that produces, markets and distributes ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industry. Acatris has its head office in Londerzeel (Belgium) and offices in The Netherlands, Poland, UK, Canada and USA. The product portfolio contains branded ingredients such as Pectacon®, Dadex®, SoyLife®, FenuLife® and LinumLife®.


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