Acatris Publishes Research Establishing SoyLife Is More Than Just Isoflavones Plus Protein

Source: Acatris Holding B.V., The Netherlands

Giessen, The Netherlands – Acatris, based in The Netherlands with offices throughout the world, has just published research establishing that SoyLife is a complex nutritional ingredient beyond just soy protein and isoflavones. Recently, prominent researchers have suggested that the health benefits of soy are due to the variety of healthful nutrients found within soy—from of course, soy protein and isoflavones to vitamin E and saponins, and many more (1). SoyLife is a soy germ food and supplement ingredient that contains over 40 active nutrients working together in synergy to deliver the health benefits of soy.

Researchers, sponsored by Acatris, looked at the possible prebiotic and saponin effects of SoyLife. When SoyLife was added to an in vitro model of the human digestive system, it was found that there was an increase in the presence of the healthy bacteria Lactobacillus sp., and that this increase resulted in substantial metabolism of soy isoflavones suggesting a prebiotic effect of SoyLife (2). Bile acids, left unchecked, can damage the cells in the intestinal wall of the digestive system and destroy healthy bacteria. A separate in vitro study showed that SoyLife was able to reduce the amount of damage to the intestinal wall by bile acid simulators, and further, that Lactobacillus sp. was able to survive in spite of the bile acids (3). Based on this, it appears that the saponin portion of SoyLife may protect the gut and its healthy bacteria by reducing the negative impact of bile salts.

While most soy ingredients on the market are stripped of their essential natural nutrients, SoyLife still contains all the healthy-goodness consumers seek when looking for ways to increase their soy intake—whether by food or by supplement.

For more information on SoyLife please visit or contact us at Acatris Holding B.V, Marian Verbruggen, Director R&D or Petra de Wit, Marketing Communications Manager, tel. +31 183 446 445, or [email protected] and [email protected]

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