Accucaps Industries Limited Earns Certification for Fish Oil Soft Gel Production

Accucaps Industries Limited has earned a Canadian Food Inspection Agency Certificate of Registration allowing it to manufacture softgel fish oil capsules for sale in Canada and for export. The certification follows an intensive review of operations and processing standards, which company President Gordon Moore says, "confirms Accucap's international reputation for precision manufacturing." Accucaps offers complete softgel capsule manufacturing of Health & Nutritional, OTC and Rx products, and is licensed by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

The Certification includes government approval of a detailed Quality Management Program covering every aspect of our products and manufacturing processes, and a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan to ensure that products and processes reduce or eliminate potential health hazards.

The new certification will allow Accucaps customers to source a variety of fish-based products in user-friendly softgel capsule format. Softgel capsules provide excellent levels of bio-availability and effectively address the fish oil category's prime consumer concern of odour masking. It also allows Accucaps to receive Export Certificates for products designated for international markets. And since Canada's standards are among the world's most rigid, Canadian Export Certificates are valid for most international export destinations.

For more information on Accucaps Accugels softgel products or on fish oil encapsulation, please contact us at 1-800-665-7210, [email protected] or visit our web site,

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