Acquisition of emulsifiers producer Abitec Ltd.

In accordance with its strategic target of boosting growth in the core Ingredients business, Danisco has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the shares in UK-based emulsifiers producer Abitec Ltd. The acquisition is conditional upon the approval of the appropriate competition authorities.

Abitec Ltd. is situated in Northampton, UK, with a production plant employing 55 persons and generating revenue of around DKK 200 million. Abitec is currently part of the Ingredients division
of Associated British Foods plc and supplies emulsifiers and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) mainly to the European market.

Emulsifiers based on natural raw materials can be used by food producers to counter increasing raw material costs. Also, when changing from a trans fat to a non-trans fat content in food, Danisco offers knowledge to address the issues of capacity and performance needed to be taken into account when reformulating to trans free solutions.

'By combining Danisco's emulsifiers technology and production capability with Abitec’s customer base and market access, we will create an even better platform for developing new products and supporting customer needs and thereby further enhance our position,’ says Martin Klavs Nielsen, head of Danisco's Emulsifiers business.

Upon completion of the agreement, Abitec Ltd. will be integrated into Danisco's Emulsifiers business unit.

About Abitec Ltd.
Responding to customers' specific requirements, Abitec Ltd. produces a range of emulsifiers applied by the nutritional, cosmetic, personal care and food markets. Its food emulsifiers provide the functional properties required by today's modern food industry, performing many essential functions in a wide range of food applications such as bread, ice cream, margarine and dairy products.

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