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Active Communications International Hosts Energy, Functional & New-Age Beverages - Going to Market in Canada

CHICAGO — ACI’s Energy, Functional & New-Age Beverages - Going to Market in Canada conference, being held September 25-26th, 2002, at Sheraton Centre in Toronto, will be a two-day event evaluating and characterizing the Canadian functional beverage industry and identifying necessary steps in capitalizing on this exploding market for nutraceuticals both as ingredients and beverage products. From labeling and packaging issues to ingredients and flavoring laws, the objective of this conference will be to illustrate the vast potential for success and areas of concern in the process of providing the holistic view of bringing your beverage product to market in Canada.

Energy, Functional & New-Age Beverages - Going to Market in Canada was designed for U.S. and Canadian beverage, flavoring, ingredient and regulatory executives responsible for marketing, product development, brand management, science, technology and legal affairs. The speaking panel includes such industry leaders as Coca-Cola, Jones Soda Company, Clarus Canadian Springs, Wild Flavors, Inc. and 7-Eleven Canada.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The Canadian consumer and the commercial, regulatory and marketing trends transforming the business environment in the exploding beverage industry
  • Legal issues that will surface when developing, labeling and marketing your innovative beverage products in Canada
  • Manufacturer’s successes and failures during the process of bringing functional, energy & new-age beverage products to market in Canada
  • Differences between going to market in the U.S. and Canada with energy, functional and new-age beverages
  • Brand Management and Product Development - including packaging, distributing, selling and merchandising beverages in Canada

ACI is an industry leader in conference planning and production. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality strategic business conferences, at which audience members, speakers and sponsors walk away with new knowledge, resources and a network of individuals.

For registration, discount rates and complimentary press passes, call Elizabeth Hutchison at 312-780-0700 ext. 179 and visit

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