Active Ingredient Found in Cranberry Juice is Now Available in Supplement Form to Help Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract

April 5, 2002--For centuries, women have used cranberries to cure or ease the painful symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). This old wives tale was made valid in the medical community in the 1990s, when a Harvard University study linked the reduction of the infection-causing bacteria Escherichia coli, or E. coli, to the consumption of cranberries. Additional studies, such as the one conducted at Rutgers University, further supported cranberry's effectiveness by identifying the active compounds of the berry and how they aid in maintaining urinary health. According to these studies, the compound proanthocyanidins, or condensed tannins, may prevent E. coli from adhering to and colonizing on the urinary tract wall, enabling the body to flush the bacteria from the body before UTIs develop.

Because of these studies, many physicians now recommend cranberry juice in conjunction with antibiotic treatment to cure UTIs. However, questions have been raised about cranberry juice's effectiveness in preventing infection, since some juices contain low amounts of cranberry juice and high sugar content--a concern for many diabetics and health-conscious individuals. In addition, stomach acids may destroy the infection-fighting tannins before they can be absorbed in the blood stream and reach the site of action.

In an attempt to offer a more effective nutritional cranberry supplement, Cape Cod Biolab has introduced the CRAN-MAX® daily supplement made from the whole cranberry-including the skin, seed, juice and fiber. This one-a-day "Complete Cranberry" supplement contains no fillers, sugar, preservatives or added ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and has been clinically tested to support the dosage rate of one tablet (500 mg) per day. The BIO-SHIELD® delivery system naturally carries the condensed cranberry tannins to the absorption area and protects them from the degradation of stomach acids. This extended release feature, over a 12 to 16 hour period, carries and naturally releases the bio-actives into the lower intestines where these actives are easily absorbed. This allows the body to distribute, on a sustained natural basis, the condensed tannins into the blood stream. "CRAN-MAX® supplement is a one-a-day tablet used to maintain a healthy urinary tract," said Douglas Mann, founder and chief executive officer of Cape Cod Biolab. "The CRAN-MAX® mechanism of action does not kill the E. coli, as in antibiotic activity; however, the CRAN-MAX® system will minimize the chances of the bacteria colonizing and creating infection in the urinary tract."

A pilot study conducted by Durango, Colo.-based urologist Ronald Wheeler, found that CRAN-MAX® supplement was more effective than cranberry juice in preventing urinary tract infections. Wheeler studied 38 women with UTI symptoms and administered one 500 mg of CRAN-MAX® supplement to each patient daily for 30 to 45 days. Study results revealed that nearly all 38 participants experienced an improvement in UTI symptoms, such as burning, stinging and pain, and more than 40 percent noted a reduction of recurring UTIs. "I haven't found one woman in the study who hasn't experienced significant improvement. It's a tremendous response," Wheeler noted in Nutritional Business Journal.

The most recent outcome study conducted in the Czech Republic further confirmed the results of Wheeler's study. Using Toronto, Canada-based Swiss Herbal Remedies' CRAN-MAX® supplement, researchers compared the supplement with a chemotherapeutic agent. Results revealed that 2.3 women suffered a relapse with drug therapy as compared to only .33 who used the Swiss Herbal CRAN-MAX® supplement, which also produced no side effects. In this study, more than 90 per cent of the patients showed improvement in a subjective evaluation by the patients themselves.

Additional clinical trails on the CRAN-MAX® product are currently under way or planned in France, Canada, Finland and the United States. CRAN-MAX® products are available through licensing agreements with companies specializing in dietary supplements and herbal remedies such as Life Extension, Natural Balance, Swiss Herbal Remedies, Swanson Health Foods, Yerma Prima and Liener. For additional information on CRAN-MAX® or the BIO-SHIELD® delivery system, contact Stephen Lukawski at (888) 472-2275.

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