Adia launches probiotic weight-loss beverage

Adia launches probiotic weight-loss beverage

Company believes this is the first probiotic beverage with an appetite suppressant.

Adia Nutrition Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new product called Adia Slim. It is believed to be the first probiotic beverage with an appetite suppressant in the $61 billion diet and weight loss industry.

Adia Slim is a raspberry lemonade flavored beverage powder which contains LuraLean. LuraLean is a fiber from the root of a Japanese plant called Konjac. The fiber expands in your stomach shortly after you drink it, and gives you a feeling of fullness so you eat less.

This fiber is then combined with probiotics to make sure the food you eat is then digested more efficiently.

"Adia Slim is a revolutionary step in weight management," said Adia CEO Wen Peng. "We believe that Adia Slim gives dieters a tool to help control the quantity of food people consume. This tool, combined with diet and exercise should show results. As with any health program, please speak to your doctor in connection with any lifestyle change. Like all our Adia products, Adia Slim contains convenient and shelf stable 'On the Go' probiotics that require no refrigeration together with essential vitamins and minerals. Adia Nutrition are the perfect products for the busy 'on the go' family, from mom and dad to the kids."


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