ADM makes first commercial sale of Clarisoy

ADM makes first commercial sale of Clarisoy

Burcon is "thrilled" by how fast ADM has brought this vegetable-based protein to market.

Burcon NutraScience Corp. (TSX–BU; NASDAQ - BUR) (“Burcon” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that it has been notified by the Archer Daniels Midland Company (“ADM”) of the first commercial sale of Clarisoy soy protein produced by ADM.

Burcon’s Clarisoy, which is under license to ADM, is the world’s only vegetable-based protein capable of offering both clarity and complete nutrition in low pH beverage systems. Extremely heat stable, Clarisoy 100 requires no homogenization or stabilizers in low pH beverages.

“Today’s announcement of the first commercial sale of Clarisoy soy protein is an historic milestone for Burcon and we are thrilled by the speed with which ADM has brought this exciting protein to market," said Johann F. Tergesen, president and chief operating officer, adding, "Since licencing Burcon’s Clarisoy technology in March 2011, ADM has launched Clarisoy 100 at the 2011 IFT Expo; brought a first commercial production facility online in early 2012; launched Clarisoy 150, the first extension to the Clarisoy product line at the 2012 IFT Expo and has now made its first commercial sale. We look forward to more commercial advancements for Clarisoy soy protein."

The Clarisoy Advantage
Clarisoy soy proteins are the world’s only line of transparent soy proteins. ADM’s Clarisoy line includes a range of products for both low and neutral pH applications allowing food and beverage companies to easily include up to 10 grams of Clarisoy per serving.

Clarisoy 100 is a premier vegetable-based protein that offers both clarity and complete protein nutrition for beverages with a pH of less than 4.

Clarisoy 150 is a revolutionary soy protein for neutral pH beverages and low pH beverages with cloud systems. The clean flavor and smooth mouth-feel makes Clarisoy a formulator’s ideal protein ingredient.

In March 2011 Burcon entered into a License and Production Agreement with ADM (the “License Agreement”) for the worldwide production, distribution and sale of Burcon’s Clarisoy soy protein. The License Agreement gives ADM exclusive rights across all geographic regions and all potential product applications to produce, market and sell Clarisoy soy protein. ADM will make royalty payments to Burcon on the sales of Clarisoy under the license agreement.

Burcon expects to release its third quarter financial results for the three-month period ending December 31, 2012, on or about February 14, 2013 following the close of markets. Management will host a conference call coinciding with the release of those results and will review the financial results and also provide additional comments and discussion on Clarisoy sales at that time.


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