Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Signs Agreement with Ocumed Group to Distribute Sinusol; National Sales Broker Network to Support Distribution and Sales

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 2003--Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (APPI), a company that utilizes whole plants through a proprietary (patent pending) manufacturing process to develop all-natural Whole Plant Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to distribute Sinusol(TM) with Ocumed Group, Inc. of Roseland, New Jersey.

Ocumed has agreed to push Sinusol through distribution channels using several established and recognized methods of presenting new product introductions and motivating the wholesaler and retailer to join and support the marketing and sales introduction of Sinusol. Ocumed plans to distribute and market Sinusol nationally through national distributors, product bundling, barter advertising and promotion programs, profit driven sales organizations and direct response and related promotions.

Sinusol(TM) is formulated to provide safe, effective temporary relief of sinus pain and nasal congestion. It is an all-natural non-habit-forming, non-drowsy gentle solution that can be used in conjunction with cold, allergy and sinus medications. Sinusol(TM), developed in concert with a leading board certified Allergy and Sinus specialist, is a unique nasal and sinus solution that pleasantly cleanses and moisturizes the nasal and sinus mucosa. Sinusol(TM) thins nasal solutions to clear stuffy and blocked allergic nasal passages as well as relieves sneezing and sinus pressure. Sinusol(TM) is the safe and natural alternative to over the counter nasal sprays and saline products that contain irritating preservatives and additives.

About Ocumed, Inc.

Ocumed is a specialty, ophthalmic pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes sterile ophthalmic solutions and related products since 1986. The company's manufacturing and distribution facilities include over 35,000 square feet of sterile manufacturing and laboratory areas, together with 10,000 square feet of warehousing and decentralized packaging and distribution facilities which are located nationally throughout the United States.

About Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (APPI) focuses on the research and development of plant-based dietary and health supplements. The Company has a patent pending process that utilizes whole plants to manufacture all natural dietary and health supplements. APPI uses this process to manufacture products, which the company distributes worldwide through various marketing and distribution contracts. Current products include Lo-Chol(TM) (healthy cholesterol naturally), ABAVCA(TM) (immune system booster) and Garlic. Corporate website:


This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning and pursuant to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and involve risks and uncertainties that may individually or mutually impact the matters herein described, including but not limited to product development and acceptance, manufacturing, competition, regulatory and/or other factors, which are outside the control of the Company.

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