AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ Has GRAS Status

AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ Is a Source of Isoflavones for Many Foods

MINNEAPOLIS – AUGUST 12, 2002 – Cargill has completed a self-GRAS determination for the use of AdvantaSoy™Clear™ as a source of concentrated soy isoflavones in a variety of foods, including beverages, nutrition bars, yogurt, meal replacements and confections. The GRAS determination has been affirmed by an independent panel of experts qualified by scientific training and experience to evaluate the safety of food and food ingredients, and in particular, isoflavones. AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ also has improved solubility, taste and color compared to other isoflavone products.

The AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ product contains approximately 40 percent isoflavones, which are members of a class of flavonoid compounds that are naturally-occurring in soy. Under conditions of intended use, AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ would provide 30 to 50 milligrams soy isoflavones per customary serving.

Preliminary evidence in the published scientific literature suggests that isoflavones may benefit health by relieving some menopausal symptoms and maintaining bone health. Additional research is underway on a number of fronts specifically on bone health.

"AdvantaSoy™ Clear™ provides added benefit to customers," said Lee Knudson, Product Manager for Cargill Health & Food Technologies. "It can easily be incorporated into beverages without compromising flavor and taste," he said. "The GRAS determination permits the incorporation of isoflavones into applications such as yogurt and confections … representing a significant opportunity for the consumer food product industry," according to Knudson.

Cargill Health & Food Technologies, based in Minneapolis, is a leading developer, processor and marketer of science-based, healthy ingredients for food and dietary supplements worldwide. It is a business unit of Cargill, Incorporated, an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 97,000 employees in 59 countries. Cargill provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications, and health and nutrition.

Media note: For more information or to schedule an interview with Lee Knudson, Business Development Manager for Cargill Health & Food Technologies, contact Media Relations at (800) 999-4859.

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