Advitech Solutions Embarks on International Strategy

Advitech Solutions, a venture backed Quebec-based natural and pharmaceutical products company, is in the process of establishing itself in Asia, Europe and the US. A recent 4 year distribution deal is expected to net the firm $1.4 million in sales to Taiwan the first year, and its flagship product, BIOZEN, is showing promise in test marketing in Ontario and Belgium to complement early success in pharmacies in Quebec.

The company has extensive background in biotechnology, research on milk proteins and the marketing of bioactive peptides obtained through the hydrolysis of whey proteins using digestive enzymes. The processes Advitech uses, unlike chemically synthesized peptides, imitate the body's natural protein splitting process.

BIOZEN’s six products each deal with maintaining or stimulating a physiological function: nervous system, cardiovascular function, immune system, bone mineralization, glucose metabolism and intestinal flora. Three types of peptides are used in the products which then have actvaotrs such as various vitamins and minerals added.

The company is capable of producing 100 million capsules a year and has just over 50 employees. The company is also involved in contract manufacturing. The BIOZEN line is presently distributed to pharmacies and other retail outlets in Quebec through Lalco Laboratory.

The company is seeking to expand its presence through the United States and other areas internatioally including South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, where activities are already underway.

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