Aenova Group reviews successful 2010, positions for 2011

For the Aenova Group, the financial year 2010 was a successful one with its turnover increase of 9 percent to around EUR 230 million in 2010 alone. Also the workforce grew by 140 to almost 1600.

For the Aenova Group, the financial year 2010 was a successful one. The company has its headquarters in the town of Pähl in Upper Bavaria and for some years has been majority-owned by the private equity company Bridgepoint. Aenova has state-of-the-art machinery and high levels of productivity in comparison with its international competitors at its nine manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the USA. It produces all the solid dosage forms, including tablets, soft capsules and effervescent tablets. The company’s success proves that it is on the right course. In 2010 alone its turnover increased by 9 percent to around EUR 230 million. In addition, its operating results showed double-digit growth. In order to secure its competitive advantage,

Aenova is investing all its available funds in modernizing its production facilities and increasing its capacity. In 2010 the workforce grew by 140 to almost 1600. Around 130 of these new positions are based at the company’s German sites. A further increase in its investment volume is planned over the next few years with the aim of becoming market leader. At the company’s plant in Tittmoning in Upper Bavaria, a new factory building is currently being constructed for high-volume products. In 2010 the Aenova Group was one of the most successful players in the highly competitive market segment for the development and production of solid dosage forms on behalf of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This ensures that it is well-positioned for further growth.

“We want to develop our position as a leading supplier of generic medicines, over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements for the German market. At the same time, we would like to significantly increase our sales activities outside Germany, because we can see major potential for growth for our organization in many markets which are still underdeveloped. Bridgepoint, which has a philosophy of encouraging strategic growth, has been highly supportive of our sustainable growth strategy in a market that is becoming increasingly consolidated,” explains Heiner Hoppmann, CEO of the Aenova Group.

About Aenova

Aenova Holding GmbH was established in 2008 following the merger between Dragenopharm Apotheker Püschl GmbH and SWISS CAPS AG. The Aenova Group is now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medicines and dietary supplements in oral dosage forms, such as soft gelatine capsules, hard capsules, tablets, film-coated tablets, dragées and effervescent tablets for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Europe. The group offers its customers a complete portfolio of services, ranging from development, procurement of raw materials, production and analysis through to packaging and logistics.

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