Aeroscena launches breakthrough aromatherapy product

Aeroscena launches breakthrough aromatherapy product

Aeroscena, a leader in high-quality, easy-to-use aromatherapy products, introduces its latest innovation: Ascents.

Aeroscena’s new aromatherapy product, Ascents, combines an ancient healing tradition with modern day convenience. Ascents is a chic sachet that’s smaller than a credit card with an innovative mechanism that releases aromatherapeutic scents when pressed.

 Now, the therapeutic power of pure essential oils can be used anytime, anywhere and with no mess.

Ascents is currently available in five formulas designed to improve energy, concentration, suppress the appetite, calm nerves, and induce sleep. Each packet lasts up to two months.

“Research supports the use of aromatherapy, or scent therapy, to boost wellbeing,” says Dr. Tanya Edwards, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and expert contributor to the daily ABC Dr. Oz Show, which dispenses advice on healthy living.

Dr. Edwards says the Cleveland Clinic has already begun using Ascents with success among patients in various Wellness Institute programs.

“Using Ascents is a convenient way to carry therapeutic aromatherapy,” adds Dr. Edwards. “I tell patients to keep Focus and Energy at their desks, Sleep under their pillow, and to use Calm before going into stressful situations. They work.”

“Ascents is revolutionizing the aromatherapy category,” says Mark Kohoot, chief executive officer of Aeroscena, which he founded last year. “We’ve managed to partner high-quality, professionally blended essential oils with a mess-free, convenient, personal diffuser. And, it’s affordable for everyone.”

Ascents can be found at Cleveland Clinic Wellness stores, Whole Foods and other retail outlets, or at They retail for $4.95 each. Testimonials and other information about Ascents can be found at

About Aeroscena:

At Aeroscena, we apply modern medical science and technology to the ancient art of scent to create Aromaceutical™ products for performance, wellbeing and healthcare for both consumer and professional use. Our products provide tangible benefits that are affordable and eco-friendly. (The health of the planet is very important to us!)

Our advisers include Dr. Howard Levine, medical director for Acclarent, Jennifer Roizen, Ph.D., Stanford University, and MaryEllen Drews, aromatherapist.

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