After 22 Years of Continuous Growth, Publicly Traded Arkopharma is know as the EU Leader in Natural Medicines

February 2002 – With some of the best scientists and research and development facilities in the natural products industry, what truly sets Arkopharma apart from the many natural products companies rests in the company’s unfaltering dedication to its corporate philosophy- to offer the highest-quality natural medicines (phytotherapy) to consumers. To achieve this goal, Arkopharma has focused heavily on innovation, research and development, as well as rigorous clinical testing. Arkopharma’s purchase of US-based Health From the Sun is a natural progression to bring Arkopharma’s quality products to the educated natural product consumer in the US.

All of Arkopharma’s products are formulated using phytotherapy- or the natural science of plants. According to the company’s 2000 annual report, the discipline of phytotherapy is based in the idea that “medicinal plants contain thousands of constituents, all potentially active and acting synergistically.” With the belief that it was crucial to preserve these plant actives and not disturb the synergy of the plant, the company’s scientists developed a process to preserve plant actives where they are freeze-ground in a nitrogen atmosphere at –196 degrees Celsius. Arkopharma was one of the first natural product companies to introduce a completely plant-based capsule- an accomplishment crucial to leading the discipline of phytotherapy.

To achieve its goals, Arkopharma is wholly dedicated to the research and development behind its high-quality and innovative products. To this end, 14% of the share of net medicines is devoted to further research. Their main facilities, in Carros, France and in Ireland, are filled with the most up-to-date laboratory and manufacturing equipment available. They have the capability to work with the “most pharmaceutically manufactured galenic forms (powders and oil, capsules, tablets, liquid and cosmetic forms).

The last 22 years have seen Arkopharma grow rapidly from a small, French laboratory established in 1980 to a global power in the natural products industry. Arkopharma has subsidiaries in a number of countries that include the United States, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. Arkopharma entered the Paris Stock Exchange and has prospered as a publicly traded company since its inception.

Arkopharma’s line of products ranges from homeopathics to natural cosmetics and veterinary products. While the product line is diverse, every single product is made with the same philosophy and quality ingredients. Arkopharma’s fine all-natural products can be found in all fine health food stores nationwide. For more information on these products, call (800) 447-2249 or visit

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