AHPA’s Dentali Provides Valuable Counterpoint in High-Impact Journal

Dentali also discusses herbal safety, efficacy in companion podcast

SILVER SPRING, MD February 18, 2010 – American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Chief Science Officer Steven Dentali, Ph.D., provides a point/counterpoint to a call for changes to the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) in the February 2010 issue of the Nature-published journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Dr. Dentali’s article, “Successful Botanical Research Requires Botanical Expertise,” provides an opposing perspective to an article by Drs. Tsourounis and Bent. While they argue additional regulatory oversight by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is needed to improve the quality of botanical research, Dr. Dentali compelling argues that what is needed in current research is experience working with crude botanical materials. Scientific interest of well-known botanicals declined in the U.S. during the middle decades of the 20th century as the use of medical herbs fall out of fashion within the medical community, Dr. Dentali explains, and it will take some time to reestablish our forgotten familiarity with them.

“Every field of scientific inquiry and exploration is defined by expertise put into practice,” said Dr. Dentali. “The current challenge in botanical research is to involve experts who understand botanical preparations in the context of modern medical investigative approaches. I am honored to have had this opportunity to educate an important group of scientists and doctors on the past and future of botanical research.”

In addition to the article, Dr. Dentali and William Gurley, Ph.D. discuss the safety and efficacy of herbal supplements in an accompanying podcast available online.

Members interested in learning more about the article should contact Dr. Dentali ([email protected]; 301-588-1171 x103) or visit http://www.nature.com/clpt/journal/v87/n2/index.html.

The podcast is available here: http://www.nature.com/clpt/podcast/index.html.


The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is the national trade association and voice of the herbal products industry. AHPA is comprised of domestic and foreign companies doing business as growers, processors, manufacturers and marketers of herbs and herbal products, including foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and nonprescription drugs. Founded in 1982, AHPA’s mission is to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products. Website: www.ahpa.org.

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