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AIDP’s enVantec meets clean label demands

AIDP’s enVantec meets clean label demands
enVantec products feature a proprietary micro-encapsulation technology with no gelatin, preservatives or added antioxidants.

With the evolution of clean labeling, AIDP, Inc. has introduced enVantec products that feature a proprietary micro-encapsulation technology with no gelatin, preservatives or added antioxidants. The process allows for successful use and healthful delivery of custom-made formulas that traditionally presented bioavailability, absorption and processing challenges.

enVantec micro-encapsulation is starch-based, kosher, vegetarian, allergen-free and non-GMO. The beadlet composition is also free of preservatives and antioxidants. In addition, the enVantec micro-encapsulation is soluble, offers broad nutraceutical applications for greater dispersion and clarity of products, and provides uniform particle size for homogenous blends. All of these characteristics make enVantec ideal for clean label solutions with a two- to three-year stability.

More than just a healthier formulation, enVantec provides greater stability during tableting, shipping and storage at elevated temperatures up to 45° C. “Compared to leading encapsulation brands with gelatin, enVantec's vegetarian formula shows improved stability during tableting and at elevated temperatures,” says Kathy Lund, director of business development and marketing for AIDP.

“There is no standard for clean label and furthermore it’s hard to define," says Lund. “Today, consumers have become label scrutinizers and any ingredient that sounds like a chemical or relates to artificial is usually not considered a clean ingredient," added Lund.

AIDP also offers a variety of pre-made applications for fat-soluble ingredients that were previously unsuitable for commercial products due to stability limitations. These applications feature enVantec Vitamin A Palmitate 250,000 IU, Vitamin A Acetate 500,000 IU CWS, and Vitamin D3 100,000 IU/g.




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