AKFP introduces GMO-free potato maltodextrin

AKFP introduces GMO-free potato maltodextrin

New line of GMO-free potato-based maltodextrins are developed for use in clean-label instant hot soups and sauces, dried sausages and bakery creams.

American Key Food Products has introduced to the North American market a new line of GMO-free potato-based maltodextrins, manufactured by Emsland Group under the Kyrosan brand name. These versatile ingredients are developed for use in clean-label instant hot soups and sauces, dried sausages, bakery creams and other similar products.

Says Mel Festejo, chief operating officer of AKFP, said: “In today’s environment consumers are looking for healthier choices. Kyrosan potato-based maltodextrins are GMO-free, unlike most maltodextrins which are made from corn. Kyrosan Maltodextrins also offer unique functionalities in many popular food products.”

Among typical applications:

  • In convenience dry mixes such as hot soups and sauces, these maltodextrins prevent clumping when hot water is added.
  • In the manufacture of dried sausages, Kyrosan potato maltodextrins slow fermentation, allowing pH value to be regulated more precisely.
  • In bakery creams, these ingredients can replace costly milk solids while regulating sweetness and improving body and texture.

Kyrosan maltodextrins are hydrolyzed, spray-dried potato starch and can be produced with specific DE levels, such as Kyrosan E20K, with DE levels of 17-20, and Kyrosan E14K, with 14-17 DE levels.

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