Alchem launches ReQollect for brain health

Alchem launches ReQollect for brain health

Branded, high-purity vinpocetine is aimed at improving cognitive function and memory by increasing blood circulation through the brain.

Alchem USA Inc. launches ReQollect, a natural plant-derived vinpocetine (ethyl apovincaminate) used for memory and cognitive function, at SupplySide Market Place in New York, booth No. 514.

ReQollect is a branded, high-purity vinpocetine manufactured by Alchem International from periwinkle and Voacanga africana plants. Vinpocetine is often called the “smart nutrient” for its studied ability to help improve cognitive function and memory by increasing blood circulation through the brain.

Vinpocetine has been the subject of many published clinical studies involving more than 30,000 individuals. “Vinpocetine has been used to support the brain and its blood vessels by European and Japanese medical practitioners for more than two decades,” says Raman Mehta, President of Alchem USA. “Vinpocetine is approved for use by European and British Pharmacopeias,” notes Laurent Leduc, COO at Alchem USA Inc. “ReQolllect is a remarkable, all-natural ingredient with an outstanding impact on cognitive health. Most of the research used in support of ReQollect was performed on natural vinpocetine and not a synthetic formula.”

A double-blind, crossover trial of 12 healthy females showed a 30 percent faster reaction time with 40mg vinpocetine as compared to placebo. In three multi-centric, double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized trials involving 583 patients aged 58 years and older who were administered 15 to 60 mg vinpocetine, Clinical Global Impression Scale and Syndrome Kurtz Test scores significantly improved cognitive impairment and dementia over placebo.

Alchem USA has developed a white paper summarizing research on vinpocetine to assist product development managers when creating new formulations for memory, focus and aging.

ReQollect is available for immediate delivery in the US market and can be used in softgels, tablets and liquid dietary supplements.

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