Algry Quimica Appoints New QA Manager

Algry Quimica, the European Choline and Amines derivatives manufacturer, announced today the appointment of its new QA Manager Ms. Yolanda Montoro, in order to redesign its Quality Assurance Structure System, with the target of matching both ISO - EN 9000 and cGMP standards before the end of the year 2002.

"Despite the fact that Algry Quimica has been engaged with cGMP standards for a considerable time, achieving ISO certification is considered as a new step in strengthening our links with customers. Through a well defined Quality System, focused satisfying increasing customer needs, we will encompass product quality as well as regulatory compliance", said Guillermo Rodriguez, Worldwide Sales Manager of Algry. "The nutraceuticals market is becoming more and more similar to the pharmaceutical market in terms of quality and regulations, and these changes will become standard in the nutritional companies who want to be actively present in the market". "In addition to this, Ms. Maroto's expertise in Quality Assurance systems in chemical and pharma companies means a step toward better customer - supplier relationships".

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