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Algry Quimica to launch Free Flowing Choline Chloride

Madrid (Spain)--15.11.02--Algry Quimica, the Spanish manufacturer of pharma and food grade choline salts announces the launch of a special Choline Chloride conditioned with Aerosil 200 pharma grade. This product is specially designed for customers who need free flowing Choline Chloride to avoid lumping and free circulation in any equipment; Infant formula, drinks and nutritional supplements are the main fields where customers will profit from this new development.

"Choline Bulk Salts have been used in Europe for many years to fortify infant milks, and during the last few years use in nutraceuticals for adults in tablets, capsules and drinks has significantly increased, especially in the US. The use of raw choline chloride has been limited in some fields due to its hygroscopicity, but this new conditioning system opens the possibility of new uses and applications", said Guillermo Rodriguez, Sales Manager of Algry Quimica.

"All of our products are pharmaceutical grade, and this new launch will continue the trend we started several years ago, offering pharma grade products to the nutraceutical market (compliant to different US and European pharmacopeias), as customers become more quality focused than ever before".

In addition, Free Flowing Raw Choline Chloride enables customers to get the highest amount of pure choline per dose, compared to other encapsulated choline products, which reduce the available content of pure choline.

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ALGRY Quimica
Mateo Inurria 30, E-28036 Madrid SPAIN
Tel.: +34.91.343.33.26
Fax.: +34.91.345.29.47 -

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