Alkemists Labs turns 15

Alkemists Labs turns 15

Alkemists helps U.S. companies meet and maintain cGMP compliance in formulation and manufacturing of their products nationally and internationally.

In July 1997, Alkemists Labs was founded by Dr. Sidney Sudberg as a family owned boutique Botanical tincture manufacturing company, formerly Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, Inc. With cGMPs on the horizon the company quickly transformed their operations to function as a botanical identity and Quality Control laboratory. This month marks the 15 year anniversary of Alkemists Labs, and the company’s growth continues to serve as a model of success for small businesses that strive to offer the highest level of quality data, compliance and customer service.

With a very lean staff of only 22 employees, Alkemists Labs boasts the largest commercial working herbarium, the largest high through-put and scalable capacity for botanical identity testing and the largest listing of reference materials available known as Composite Reference Botanicals™ (CRBs™) in the Industry. Over the past three years, the company has aggressively expanded its global customer footprint. By helping U.S. based companies meet and maintain cGMP compliance in formulation and manufacturing of their products nationally and internationally, as well as foreign organizations selling into the U.S. market, Alkemists Labs has earned a very strong reputation as the true partner for quality.

Today, with cGMP regulations implemented and being actively enforced by the FDA in the Natural Products Industry, Alkemists Labs is committed more than ever to supporting and educating companies about best business practices in regards to testing raw materials and finished products. Elan Sudberg, CEO stated “Over the past 12 months we’ve committed to  significant  re-investment into facility expansions, new state-of-the-art HPLC and UPLC instruments and increased personnel resources; and more is coming. The need for reliable contract labs that operate in this Industry with integrity, transparency and provide good data to support clients with impending regulatory or legal actions is great. “

While Alkemists Labs continues to see strong growth in its ingredient Identity Testing Group (Microscopy and HPTLC), its Analytical Testing Group (HPLC and UPLC), which provides routine QC/Compendial testing, method development and validation has seen significant growth over the last two years. Sudberg added “we are cultivating our Analytical Testing Group to reposition Alkemists Labs as the ‘Go To’ contract lab for developing and verifying/validating methods that can be either transferred back to a given customer or to  other 3rd party laboratories to run routinely. Sudberg added “as a team we are committed to offering high-value services and focused on establishing long term partners that provide our customers greater assurance about our commitment to their program and savings. Conversely, we can plan more effectively for growth with less risk thereby keeping in step with our clients’ successes.”


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