All Pro Linebacker Teams With America’s #1 Protein Company to Help Spread the Word on Research Proven 8 Hour Time-Release Protein

Carlsbad, CA – John Mobley, 2 time Super Bowl Champion and Defensive Captain for the Denver Broncos, will partner with Next Proteins to promote the leading brand of whey protein supplements. This partnership will include print advertising mediums and point-of-purchase displays exemplifying the benefits of a world class athlete utilizing the world’s leading whey protein brand.

The deal was handled by Sportstars, Inc. Sportstars, Inc. (NY) currently represents nearly 60 NFL players, including John Mobley.

Time-Release GlycerLEAN is a revolutionary protein unmatched in its ability to support muscle growth and repair for 8 hours straight – making it perfect for world class athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The whey protein in Designer Whey Protein has produced bigger and better results than any other protein supplement in history. But that wasn’t good enough for the research team behind our products. Once again, they’ve taken the lead in developing a better protein by introducing GlycerLEAN. A unique combination of 27 ingredients, including 5 amazing research-proven ingredients: glycerine, L-leucine, L-taurine, CLA, and alpha lipoic acid. These five ingredients combined help active individuals to increase lean muscle gains, increase fat-burning and maximize fat loss, decrease protein breakdown and increase antioxidant activity.

Actual clinical blood tests showed new Time-Release GlycerLEAN supports muscle growth for 8 hours straight. Further, Time-Release GlycerLEAN helps naturally increase anabolic hormones – testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1 to improve lean muscle gains and recovery from strenuous exercise. Even more amazing, these bloodtests show Time-Release GlycerLEAN decreases catabolic muscle wasting hormones – glucagon and cortisol. Helping improve size and strength unlike any protein ever.

The Broncos Defensive Captain is consistently rated as one of the top linebackers in the NFL
For the past 7 years John Mobley has been recognized as one of the top linebackers in the NFL starting as a out linebacker for the Denver Broncos. This year, John was named defensive captain, and while starting all 16 games, totaled 142 tackles. Never one to settle for anything but the best – John has used NEXT Protein products consistently over the years. Since his season ending knee injury in 1999, he’s relied more and more on quality protein supplements like Time-Release GlycerLEAN to improve his strength, power and recovery.

About NEXT Proteins
NEXT Proteins first introduced whey protein supplements to the world in 1993 and has since led the industry in developing and producing superior whey products. Committed to providing customers with innovative, great tasting whey protein products, NEXT Proteins has invested over $4.7 million in research and clinical testing, and continues to revolutionize whey protein.

In addition, NEXT Proteins manufacturers no products containing banned substances such as ephedra, or pro-hormone substances such as androstenedione – making there products suitable for use by all professional athletes. For more information, visit
Product Availability
Time-Release GlycerLEAN is available in 2# and 4# value size in 4 delicious flavors – ABSberry, ChocoLATS, Vanilla LEAN, and Malted MUSCLES, and can be found at leading health and natural food stores and gyms, as well as other progressive nutrition retailers.

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