Alliance Principle Ingredients Opens New GMP-Compliant Facilities

Offers vitamin manufacturers ingredients and
future expansion to include value-added services

February 10, 2004 ¡V Surrey, B.C. ¡V Alliance Principle Ingredients, formerly Chem-West Sales, Ltd., has opened its new GMP-compliant distribution facilities. Planning for the new 15,000 square-foot facilities began in 2001 with construction occurring in late 2002 and throughout 2003. The facilities include many features insuring its compliance with the new Natural Health Products regulations now in effect.

¡§We¡¦re very excited about the new facilities and what it means to the customers we serve,¡¨ says Mark Greenhalgh of Alliance Principle Ingredients. ¡§These facilities will allow us to be more responsive to customers with additional on-hand inventory and it¡¦s GMP compliant so our customers can feel more confident than ever about doing business with us.¡¨

In addition to the expanded distribution space the facilities offer, Alliance will increase its offering of services to manufacturers to include blending, quality assurance testing, as well as additional services.

¡§Everything built was done to improve the level of customer service. We¡¦re committed to providing our customers the highest level of service with the response time they want and deserve,¡¨ says Greenhalgh. ¡§We¡¦re installing electronic systems to shorten customer response time and investing in marketing efforts to communicate new research and product offerings.¡¨

Alliance Principle Ingredients was founded in 1991 as Chem-West Sales, Ltd. Today Alliance Principle Ingredients provides ingredients to vitamin manufacturers throughout Canada. Ingredient manufacturers represented by Alliance include Flamma, Indena, Kemin Foods (makers of FloraGLO„¥ Lutein), Natural Remedies and Solbar. For information about products offered by Alliance Principle Ingredients, contact Alliance Principle Ingredients at (604) 576-1130 or visit


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