Allimax International Limited appoints Jim Walton as Master Distributor For Allisure® Allicin Powder, Liquid and Crème formulations for the USA and Carribean Markets

RYE EAST SUSSEX ENGLAND (March 2nd 2005) Allimax International Limited, today appointed Mr. Jim Walton as their Master Distributor in the USA for ALL OTC Allisure products including their branded formulation Allimax. Director, Peter Josling stated that “it was a unanimous board decision to appoint Mr. Jim Walton following his successful introductory period marketing our Allisure product range”

Allisure® is the result of a patented process, which provides the world’s only stabilized allicin liquid from fresh, raw garlic. The carefully selected garlic contains the enzyme ‘allinase’ and the amino acid ‘alliin’ both critical for the formation of ‘allicin’. The pure stabilized allicin liquid is spray dried on non GMO maltodextrin resulting in the unique ingredient Allisure®! Already this material has been incorporated into a number of very effective formulations. Data has shown the excellent antimicrobial qualities of Allisure® and has confirmed its ability to kill a wide range of bacteria (including MRSA), virus (including rhinovirus) and fungal species (including candida albicans)

Mr Walton will continue to develop Allimax Nutraceuticals Inc, which was established in 2002, with an objective to provide quality materials and unparalleled service and support to its customers within the natural health, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial markets throughout the USA.

Allimax Nutraceuticals US

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