Aloe Company Employs MST - Membrane Separation Technology, for the Production of Stabilized Aloe Active Ingredients

Naperville, IL. September 1, 2004-- An alternative source of IASC-certified Aloe vera raw materials from Yuanan Yuanjiang EverGreen Biological Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. China, a Class-A Member of IASC (International Aloe Science Council) is now available in the USA through the company's North American Representative, MegaWay International based in Naperville, IL.

MegaWay is proud to announce that it represents EverGreeen Biological Industry (Group) Co. Ltd, the largest Chinese Aloe plantation (5000 acres) and manufacturer, for the distribution of EverGreen's full range of Aloe vera raw materials in North America including Canada. EverGreen is a Class-A member of IASC with HACCP certification since 1999. The company is the first Aloe company in the world to use Membrane Separation Technology for the production of stabilized Aloe active ingredients.

EverGreen offers a variety of aloe products including:

Whole leaf Aloe vera Powder
Diced Aloe Gel
1:1 Whole leaf Aloe vera Juice
1:1 Aloe vera gel Juice
10:1 Whole Leaf Aloe vera concentrate
10:1 Aloe vera gel concentrate certified by IASC
100:1 Freeze dried, Whole Leaf Aloe vera Powder
200:1 Freeze dried, Aloe vera Gel Powder certified by IASC

North American distributor MegaWay is in the process of setting up regional warehouses to ensure fast delivery of all Evergreen’s Aloe raw materials to US industrial customers. MegaWay also offers technical support and free formulation examination for customers in North America.

For more information, visit the EverGreen web site at

Source: MegaWay International
Contact: Alfred Chan, [email protected]

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