Aloecorp Expands Presence in Mexico with asi group Partnership

Broomfield, CO – July 21, 2003 – Aloecorp, the world’s leading vertically integrated supplier of Aloe vera raw materials, has announced its most recent distributor partnership with asi group in Mexico, where the demand for Aloe vera raw materials has grown dramatically in this country of 100 million people for use in finished goods products.

The asi group, formed two years ago in Mexico City, is focused on providing natural raw material ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries. The company will represent Aloecorp’s ACTIVE ALOE® and CERTIFIED PLUS® full line of gel, whole leaf, spray dried and freeze dried powder Aloe vera raw materials in Mexico.

Aloecorp formed its partnership with the asi group in a continuing effort to extend its reach around the globe. “Our reputation has expanded across the world where many companies representing natural products manufacturers are contacting Aloecorp in order to market our distinct Aloe vera raw material ingredients,” said Jeff Barrie, Aloecorp’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager. “We are very impressed with the asi group’s professionalism and outlook, and look forward to having them represent Aloecorp and the growing need for quality Aloe vera products in Mexico.”

Sergio Morales, Business Development Director of asi group, said, “Mexican people are aware of the traditional benefits of aloe plants. If we add the fact that the industry is willing to maximize product quality and profitability in order to compete in the marketplace, the potential of ACTIVE ALOE® is highly attractive.

“asi group’s strategy is “back to basics,” providing an integrated solution with strong technical support to collaborate in a Supply Chain Management execution,” indicated Morales. “This creates a platform that enhances current product lines by maximizing profitability, and more importantly, expanding the market based on new product development, and using fine ingredients such as Aloecorp’s ACTIVE ALOE®.”

Aloecorp has had a presence in Mexico since 1989 after a hard freeze wiped out its Aloe vera crop in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Mexico provides an ideal climate for growing aloe, and Aloecorp’s fields in Gonzalez and Santa Garcia are located just below the Tropic of Cancer, a tropical environment where plants can never freeze. Aloecorp currently has 1,400 acres of aloe fields in Mexico, with 9 million Aloe vera plants in the ground, along with a processing facility in Gonzalez.

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About Aloecorp

Aloecorp is a multinational company that provides only the best biologically active Aloe vera raw material worldwide. That goal is largely achieved through internal cooperation and harmony, coupled with the determination to maintain innovative leadership in the industry. Aloecorp’s corporate philosophy is to “bring the best of nature to mankind.” This desire to merge the inherent quality of aloe’s natural benefits with the scientific technology of Aloe vera is the driving force behind all aspects of Aloecorp’s business.

Since its inception in 1988, Aloecorp has been the world’s leading vertically integrated supplier of raw Aloe vera materials. All of Aloecorp’s raw Aloe vera materials have been scientifically tested for biological activity and quality and have been certified pure by the International Aloe Science Council. Aloecorp provides raw Aloe vera materials to finished goods manufacturers in the nutritional and dietary supplement, functional food, cosmeceutical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Aloecorp, ACTIVE-ALOE®, and all associated logos are registered trademarks of Aloecorp in the United States and other countries. Unigen Pharmaceuticals Inc. has granted Aloecorp an exclusive licensing agreement to use its patented processes to manufacture ACTIVE-ALOE®.

PR contacts for press and analysts:

Mick Anderson, President & CEO Susan Westfall, Principal
Aloecorp Westfall Communications
303-635-2200 x122 303-284-4087

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