Alpha Lipoic Acid - Important Anti-Oxidant Continues Growth

Dynamic Nutritional Products®, an Irvine based nutritional supplement company, reports consistent growth in sales of the antioxidant supplement, alpha lipoic acid. This powerful antioxidant has shown nonstop double digit growth month to month for the past two years, despite a lack of attention in the mass media and limited coverage in the natural product media. (month by month year over year sales averaging in excess of 40%.)

Many of ALA’s benefits are based upon its powerful antioxidant activity. It is particularly effective against different water-soluble and fat-soluble free radicals. ALA works in conjunction with its metabolite, dihydrolipoic acid to scavenge hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, superoxide and many more reactive oxidants.

Growth in ALA demand is coming from a number of sources: word-of-mouth, general news about the importance of antioxidants, recent articles and books about its potential anti-aging effects. However, unlike “fad” products which get hot and then fade, ALA is exhibiting sustained growth. Products with sustained growth are simply ones that work. In essence, satisfied consumers continue to buy ALA and pass word on to friends.

Dynamic Nutritional Products® has Alpha Lipoic Acid in 100mg and 300mg strengths in vegetarian capsules. For more information call 866-460-4000 or go to

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Dynamic Nutritional Products located in Irvine, CA, provides the highest quality, all natural supplements at a price that will make everyone smile. The products provided have been studied and assays are available upon request. All products are guaranteed.


Dynamic Nutritional Products are sold at health food stores and natural food markets. For more information contact Bonnie Brown at [email protected], Dynamic Nutritional Products, 420 Exchange, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92602 voice 714-389-4860, FAX 714-389-4865 or visit them online at


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