Alpha Packaging Introduces 3 Sizes of PET Cosmetic Jars

Line of clear plastic jars with 58mm necks offers alternative to glass jars.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Alpha Packaging has completed its family of small PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Wide-Mouth Jars for personal care products. The 2-ounce, 3-ounce and 4-ounce jars are joining Alpha’s line of stock PET jars that range in size from 2 ounces to 32 ounces. All three new jars are built off the same 18 gram preform and feature a 58-400 continuous thread neck finish.
The new sizes of PET jars are ideal for high-end personal care and bath products that are traditionally sold in small quantities to keep them at reasonable price points; they are also idea for travel-size quantities of any product that is sold in larger jars, including face and body scrubs, bath salts, hair pomades and gels, body butters and other thick creams. The 2-ounce and 3-ounce jars are small enough to be permitted in carry-on luggage since they are smaller than the Transportation Safety Administration’s 100ml limit for liquids and lotions.
The three new PET Wide Mouth Jars are ready for purchase orders in any color, and standard colors of clear, white, dark amber, light amber, dark green and cobalt blue are available with no minimum orders. Custom colors require a minimum order of 10,000 pieces with a $500 color purge charge, and for custom color orders over 50,000 pieces, the color purge charge is waived. Customers who wish to order 50,000 or more pieces can also place special orders for PET jars made from recycled PET (called post-consumer PET, or PCR).
Samples of clear, cobalt blue and light amber PET Jars may be ordered by visiting and clicking on “Request a Sample.” They are listed under the PET Wide Mouth category, under PET Wide Mouth Jars.

Alpha Packaging is a leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and PET bottles and jars for the nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care and niche food and beverage markets. In addition to manufacturing, Alpha Packaging has tool-making capabilities and offers in-house design on CAD/CAM systems and has a wide variety of container decorating services available through its Technigraph decorating division.

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