Alternativa Natural Unveils the First Product Made with OriganoxTM

Powerful all natural anti-oxidant supplement contains Rosmarinic acid.

Alternativa Natural has become the first company to market the powerful, natural anti-oxidant OriganoxTM, as a dietary supplement. The Company’s 500 mg OriganoxTM Superior Natural Anti-Oxidant supplement is standardized to contain a minimum of seven percent of Rosmarinic acid – the main active ingredient, the balance made up of other synergistic plant compounds to create its high potency effect.

Rosmarinic acid is a highly effective and fierce free radical scavenger. It also inhibits biological processes associated with inflammations, allergic reactions and aging processes of the human body. Rosmarinic acid is scientifically well known and this is the first time that it is available as an active ingredient in a dietary supplement.

OriganoxTM is derived from Origanum Vulgare, an oregano species that contains a high natural concentration of Rosmarinic acid. This species belongs to the Labiatae family -- like rosemary, melissa and sage – plants used as medicinal herbs for thousands of years in many countries.

OriganoxTM is a product of RAD Natural Technologies Ltd. and is available exclusively through Barrington Nutritionals. In addition to its use as a dietary supplement, it is the most effective and versatile antioxidant available for use in the food, beverage and cosmeceutical industries. Food preserved with OriganoxTM is less oxidized and therefore much healthier. Not like most anti-oxidants, be they synthetic or natural, OriganoxTM is stable at high temperatures and therefore ideal for preserving baked and fried products and delaying rancidity of the baking and frying oils used.

Alternativa Natural manufactures OriganoxTM Super Natural Anti-Oxidant supplements in-house, using strict GMP protocols to ensure maximum effectiveness and potency. They are both kosher and vegetarian. Alternativa Natural products are available at local health food stores.

Media note: Product samples and photos are available by calling Media Relations at (800) 999-4859. For further information about OriganoxTM Super Natural Anti-Oxidant supplements, please visit For more information about the OriganoxTM compound, please visit

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