Amax Nutrasource introduces monk fruit sweetener Perfecta

Amax Nutrasource introduces monk fruit sweetener Perfecta

This zero calorie and zero sugar sweetener utilizes all FDA GRAS ingredients, can be labeled as 100% natural, and is suitable for all applications. 

Amax Nutrasource, Inc. (Amax) introduces a zero calorie and zero sugar sweetener called Perfecta™ which utilizes all FDA GRAS ingredients including Luo Han Guo Extract ( Monk Fruit)  and can be labeled as 100% natural.  “Perfecta™ will change the landscape of the natural sweetener marketplace” announced Larry Martinez, President of Amax.

Unlike many other “natural” sweeteners, Perfecta™ is Non-GMO, has no flavors added and can be used in food products as well as beverages.  Using an integrated granulation process, Perfecta™ possesses a uniform particle size distribution eliminating sweetness separation.

Amax will feature Perfecta™ in two beverages at the Natural Products Expo/Engredea  Show in Anaheim from March 9 – 11 at Booth 805 and will also be passing out sample packets and literature.  Perfecta™ is now commercially available after over ten years of product development.

Amax NutraSource is an established industry leading raw material developer, manufacturer and distributor of “state of the art” botanical extracts and other nutritional supplements.   Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at a great value with superior customer service to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage, and cosmetic industries.   All Amax NutraSource products are manufactured and delivered in conformance with cGMP standards including third party laboratory confirmation of identity, purity, strength and composition.  For more information about the company please visit or call 800- 893-5306.

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