Ambassador Organics(TM) Launches Premium Biodynamic® Products at Natural Products Expo East

CHICAGO, IL. (September 22, 2006) – Ambassador Organics™ will introduce the world's first multiple lines of premium culinary products that are both Demeter certified Biodynamic® and USDA certified organic, at booth #2650 during Natural Products Expo East, October 5-7 in Baltimore, MD.

Ambassador Organics™ will launch four premier product lines including spice, tea, coffee and wine. All products have been sourced from dedicated Biodynamic producers in communities across the globe, exemplifying agriculture that respects all aspects of the environment from soil to human being.

Announcing the launch, Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, founder and president of Good Food Organics, Inc. ™, the parent company of Ambassador Organics™, said "It is my personal privilege and joy to expand the availability of biodynamic organic products through Ambassador Organics. This is food created the old fashioned way, without pesticides or harmful chemicals. We source products which are produced without the exploitation of workers, and from farms and fields that respect the earth as the source of all real nutrition. If you like organics, you will love biodynamic organics, and delight in the finest food the world has to offer."

The first lines of Ambassador Organics™ certified organic and certified Biodynamic products will include:

Spices from Egypt and Costa Rica. Each spice tin features a clear, peek-through top and open pinch system for the highest culinary experience.
Fine bagged and loose teas from Egypt and Sri Lanka.
Whole bean Biodynamic coffees grown in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Chiapas, Mexico.
Biodynamic wines from California's Mendocino Valley.

In addition to launching the products at Expo East, Ambassador Organics™ will also feature Biodynamic gatherings at its booth, Thursday-Saturday afternoons from 3-5 p.m. These gatherings will be an opportunity to celebrate some of Biodynamic agriculture's pioneers and to learn more about the contribution Biodynamics can make to the natural foods industry.

Ambassador Organics™ products are USDA certified organic and Demeter certified Biodynamic. While both systems believe in healthy soil as a foundation for healthy plant life, there are some key differences. According to the Biodynamic Agricultural Association, at the heart of Biodynamic "is the idea of the farm as a self-contained evolving organism, whose life relies on home-produced compost and animal feeds, and in which external inputs are kept to a minimum. Season for season such a farm develops its own resilient identity, builds long-term fertility and radiates health and vitality into its surroundings."

Ambassador Organics™ defines "premium organic" to mean those ingredients of the highest quality found anywhere in the world. It also means they are grown on farms that support fair labor practices, equality and the true spirit of organic certification regulations.

By sourcing the finest certified Biodynamic and organic products and ingredients available in the world, Ambassador Organics™ directly participates in providing farmers with markets in which they can maintain the dignity of their work and the integrity of their farm. Ambassador Organics™ translates these values into great tasting and convenient products that respect the time pressures and lifestyles of American consumers.

To schedule booth visits and interviews with Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun during Natural Products Expo East, please contact Lisa Bell, Crescendo Communications, 303-527-0203 or [email protected].

Ambassador Organics™ is an ethical purveyor of the highest-level premium organic food products available throughout the world marketplace. The company is committed to enhancing ecological sustainability, social justice, spiritual vitality and physical well being for the American farm community, global farm neighbors and consumers. Ambassador Organics™ is part of Good Food Organics, Inc.™, an umbrella organic food company that also includes Dynamic Organic™, a certified organic fresh produce wholesaler to the food service sector.


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