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American Health launches Ester-C with probiotics

American Health launches Ester-C with probiotics

The once-daily digestion and immune health formula offers hour after hour probiotic support.

American Health®, the market leader in chewable and liquid probiotics^,  now pairs full strength 1000 mg of Ester-C® Vitamin C with 6 billion, multi-strain^^ vegetarian probiotics  to deliver a powerful digestion and immune health complex in a once daily dose.◊*  This breakthrough formula is enhanced with BIO-tract®, a controlled delivery technology that protects probiotics from harsh stomach acid, releasing both probiotics and Ester-C® throughout the entire intestinal tract, hour after hour, for the “feel good” difference your customers can count on.

The Retailer Advantage

Ester-C® with Probiotics Digestion & Immune Health Complex*  offers retailers a unique opportunity to drive incremental sales in the high-performing probiotic category.**  Formulated by American Health®, an expert in probiotics, it  features Ester-C®, a brand with trusted product performance and strong name recognition, along with 6 billion multi-strain, bio-active probiotics. This innovative combination is the ideal digestive complex to add to any probiotic planogram.

The Consumer Advantage

With science validating the positive link between immune health and digestion  - (since approximately 70% of immune cells are located in the digestive tract, good microflora balance is not only important for digestion but plays a vital role in reinforcing immune health) -  Ester-C® with Probiotics provides a healthy option for consumers looking for hour after hour digestive and immune health support, in the convenience of a once daily complex◊.* 

Ester-C® with Probiotics is non-acidic, non-GMO and Suitable for Vegetarians.  It is free of gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, egg, corn, grapefruit, sugar, starch, preservative, artificial color, artificial flavor. 

UPC:  0-76630-36709-7

SRP:  $19.99, 60 Vegetarian Tablets;   In Store Availability:  Fourth Quarter 2011

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

^Of the probiotics supplement category based on SPINS data for 52 weeks ending 6/11/11 (dollar & unit sales)

^^ At time of manufacture     ◊per 2 vegetarian tablet serving  ** 15.6% Growth, Prebiotic/Probiotic Category Based On SPINS data for 52 weeks ending 7/9/2011 (dollar sales)  ^^^Based on SPINS data for 52 weeks ending 6/11/2011


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