American Lecithin Company introduces Alcolec® PS – A full line of 'Identity Preserved' Phosphatidylserine Products

Oxford, CT, July 1, 2005 – American Lecithin Company has announced the re-launch of its line of Phosphatidylserine products. The Alcolec® line of Phosphatidylserine consists of Alcolec® PS 20P, Alcolec® PS 40P and Alcolec® PS 50P, and they are all certified IP (Identity Preserved).

American Lecithin Company is a provider of Lecithin based raw materials and was founded in 1928. The company offers a vast line of products including: highly purified Phosphatidylcholine, Phospahtidylserine, Alpha GPC and a number of standard lecithin products. ALC markets its products worldwide within the Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food industries.

For further information, contact Sean Annesley, Sales and Marketing Manager toll free at (800) 364-4416 or access the company website at

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