Amerifit Enters into Continuing Education with $120,000 Unrestricted Educational Grant

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., Feb 01, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Amerifit Nutrition, Inc., a leading developer, marketer and distributor of branded non-prescription products for consumer health, announced today that it has provided its first unrestricted educational grant, totaling $120,000, for the development of a continuing education (CE) course for pharmacists.

The first CE course to be developed with the grant focuses on the role of probiotics in the management of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Amerifit plans to continue funding education on a variety of topics as part of its overall company mission.

"We are pleased to support continuing education for our pharmacist partners and to help advance the scientific data regarding probiotics because there are clear health benefits to consumers," said Cyrill Siewert, the chief executive officer of Amerifit Nutrition.

"It is somewhat unique for a supplement developer to provide grants for CE programs," Siewert said, "but it is consistent with Amerifit's commitment to scientific proof of effectiveness and to the important role pharmacists play in consumer health. We look forward to the opportunity to support additional CE programs for a variety of audiences in the future."

For details about the continuing education course for pharmacists regarding the use of probiotics to manage antibiotic-associated diarrhea, as well as future courses, contact Amerifit Nutrition at (800) 990-3476. A webinar of the first course will be available in February 2007.

Amerifit Nutrition, Inc., a leading consumer health care company, develops, markets and distributes branded products that support wellness and provide various health benefits. From prescription products for urology and pain management, to over-the-counter products for overall urinary tract health and pain from urinary tract infections, Amerifit Nutrition is committed to provide the leading brands -- and the best science -- in all of its product categories.

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