Ameritech International, Corp. Purchases PowerLean and NutrLife

PHOENIX -- Ameritech International, Corp. of Phoenix, Arizona has expanded its operations with the purchase of two leading product lines in the weight loss and health and well-being market. In early March 2005, Ameritech purchased the North American marketing rights of the PowerLean product line, as well as NutrLife product line, from PowerLean USA, a Nevada corporation.

With this purchase from PowerLean USA, Ameritech International, Corp. owns the North American marketing rights of approximately 120 products. The PowerLean product line includes weight loss and sports nutritional products. In addition to traditional vitamin and mineral products, the NutrLife product line includes products to build the immune system and help eliminate toxic build-up in the body.

In a separate purchase, also in early March 2005, Ameritech acquired the complete ownership of PowerLean and NutrLife, including worldwide distribution rights. Ameritech purchased these product lines from Training Management Systems, Inc., a California corporation, d.b.a. Pataki Laboratories USA, with a separate division d.b.a. NutrLife. The purchase included all the Company's equipment, inventory and other assets, including world-wide rights to all present and future products of the Company and the former owner, Ladislav Pataki, PhD, CSC, ISASc. Ameritech's purchase also included all trade names and trademarks, copyrights, patents, patent pending, web-sites, domain names and other tangible and intangible items associated with these lines of products.

Dr. Pataki developed both the PowerLean and NutrLife product lines and will head the Research and Development Division of Ameritech. Dr. Pataki is the highest ranking sports scientist ever to defect to the United States. In addition to his science background, he has coached several Olympic and world-class athletes. Dr. Pataki earned his PhD in Kinesiology at Komenski University in Czechoslavakia in 1969, his CSc (Candidate of Science) in theory and methodology of sports sciences in 1977, and his ISAASc (Independent Science of Academia of Sciences) in 1985. He arrived in the United States in 1985 and has been active in the development of achievement foods and nutritional products since the late 1980s.

With the acquisition of Pataki Labs and its proprietary products, Ameritech plans to bring new products into the existing flow to expand sales of the company. Ameritech's CEO James Knapp says, "PowerLean has been in the international market for more than 20 years. We believe the PowerLean line of products, especially the PowerLean Weight Loss has tremendous sales potential in North America. The long-term strength of the company will come from control of each product from research and development by Dr. Pataki, through manufacturing, to direct response advertising and distribution. Once the product has developed certain levels of market penetration, the company will add additional sales through a network of distributors in regional malls nationally. The vertical structure of the company's business plan will create additional profits for Ameritech International, Corp. at each and every level."

The company's common stock is traded on the Pink Sheets under the symbol AMTR. For further information about Ameritech International and the PowerLean and NutrLife product lines call 1-888-502-3952 or visit

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