Analysis on Cnidium Fruit Extract production price increase

Research on the increasing price of Cnidium Fruit Extract reports that abnormal climate has affected the cultivation and its quality.

The active ingredient of the Cnidium Fruit Extract is osthole, and it has many functions such as: antitrichomonal, antifungal, demethylcoclaurine, and so on.

According to its function, the Cnidium Fruit Extract has been used a lot. But recently, the Cnidium Fruit Extract market is not stable, the price has increased in last few months and according to a research, the price is assumed to increase in future. The following is a price demethylcoclaurine sheet:

Specification           2010.1-2010.6        2010.7-

Osthol 70%            USD186/kg             USD301/kg

Osthol 80%            USD232/kg             USD346/kg

Osthol 90%            USD357/kg             USD452/kg

Osthol 98%            USD592/kg             USD648/kg

According to the research, there are several reasons leading to this situation.

1.  The cnidium fruit material is not available abundantly, because of the abnormal climate due to this the material production has reduced 30% this year and the material cost is higher than before.

2.  The cnidium fruit material quality is poor than before, the abnormal climate effected the quality, especially the osthole in the material is low.

These two reasons have affected the production cost, and the company needs to pay more for the material, even if the material quality is poor than before. So the finished product price  has increased to a higher rate and the supply of Cnidium Fruit Extract has also gone down. But the company has planned to develop a production technology in order to control the production cost.

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