Annie Chun's introduces Organic FreshPak Noodles

Annie Chun's introduces Organic FreshPak Noodles

Annie Chun's, Inc. announced a new line of Organic FreshPak Noodles, which will be available in refrigerator aisles at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide beginning in May 2011.

Annie Chun's, Inc., the leading producer of healthy, all-natural, Pan-Asian foods, announced a new line of Organic FreshPak Noodles, which will be available in refrigerator aisles at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide beginning in May 2011. The USDA-certified organic, fresh-cooked noodles are easy to prepare and offer a more flavorful alternative to everyday dry noodles - with no preservatives, MSG or trans fats.

"In the spirit of providing healthy, simple and convenient meal solutions, we are delighted to introduce this fresh spin on an everyday kitchen staple," said Diana Wang, director of marketing at Annie Chun's. "Since a growing number of consumers are eating in for dinner rather than dining out, our new FreshPak Noodles offer a great base for making a gourmet, restaurant-quality meal in just five minutes - with all-natural ingredients and an authentic taste you've come to love and expect from Annie Chun's."

NEW Annie Chun's Organic FreshPak Noodles (srp:$3.18/12oz)

A unique and delicious ingredient for home chefs, the Organic FreshPak Noodles can be prepared in less than five minutes on the stove or in the microwave. The vegan, low-fat noodles are available in three authentic varieties, can be enjoyed hot or cold and are ideal for stir-frying, soups and salads.

Organic Chow Mein FreshPak Noodles

Lighter than standard Italian-style pastas, these traditional Chow Mein Noodles are made with wheat-flour to give every dish a delicate texture. Enjoy them with any of Annie Chun's ready-to-use sauces!

Organic Buckwheat Soba FreshPak Noodles

These tender and springy noodles feature a blend of nutritious wheat and buckwheat flours. Boasting a nutty flavor, the Buckwheat Soba Noodles add a healthy serving of whole grains to every meal. This versatile noodle is a delicious option for any season and goes great with warm broths or cold dipping sauces.

Organic Japanese-Style Udon FreshPak Noodles

Thicker than the other varieties, the Japanese-Style Udon Noodles are made with wheat flour and have a bouncy texture. It can be served either in a stir fry with your favorite vegetables and protein, or in a soup for a healthy and flavorful dish.

About Annie Chun's

Annie Chun's is the leading producer of all-natural, gourmet Pan-Asian foods and sauces dedicated to providing consumers with simple, convenient meal solutions through innovative product offerings and unique flavor profiles that unlock a sense of worldliness with every bite. In 2005, Annie Chun's forged a strategic partnership with CJ Corp., Korea's largest food producer, strengthening the company's commitment to creating all natural, great tasting products that promote good health and further the company's goal of introducing new and exciting Asian foods to the American consumer. The complete line of innovative, premium goods provides a variety of options such as vegetarian, organic and gluten-free to adapt to dietary restrictions or preferences. Annie Chun's All Natural Sauces, Noodles, Asian Meal Starters, Noodle Bowls, Soup Bowls, Noodle Express, Sushi Wraps, Rice Express, Organic Potstickers, All Natural Mini Wontons, and Seaweed Snacks are available nationwide in gourmet, natural and mass market grocers such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Mollie Stone's, Fairway Market, Giant Foods, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Kroger, Jewel, Meijer, Publix, SuperTarget, and many others coast to coast.

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