Announcing a New Protein Source ---- NutraGammax

Ankeny, Iowa (January 28, 2005) – Proliant Health Ingredients is pleased to announce the addition of a new protein product, NutraGammax™, to our current product line.

NutraGammax™ is an all-natural spray dried protein powder, which contains 90% protein and a guaranteed level of immunoglobulins (IgG) of 20%. NutraGammax™ is soluble with a clean taste and light color, which allows it to be used alone or in combination with other protein supplements.

NutraGammax™ works to promote protein synthesis and lean muscle growth. As a protein source, NutraGammax™, is unique because growth is enhanced via modulation of the key molecules that signal inflammation. The concentration of IGF-I in NutraGammax™ is three times higher than whey proteins to support greater protein synthesis.

“NutraGammax™ is basically an extreme version of undenatured whey protein isolates. It can used to raise the level of bioactive proteins and peptides in a protein supplement. It’s addition will enhance the effectiveness of other protein sources, such as whey or soy protein, in promoting protein synthesis” says Eric Weaver,President/CEO of Proliant Health Ingredients.

Proliant Health Ingredients is owned by Lauridsen Group, Inc. (LGI, Inc.) and is a leading innovator in applied protein science. Proliant Health Ingredients serves the human health and nutrition industry, including the dietary supplement, clinical nutrition, consumer health and functional food markets. For more information about Proliant
Health Ingredients, visit or call 800-369-2672.

Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc. is our exclusive distributor in the U.S. of ingredients to dietary supplement and food manufacturers. For more information please call Stauber Performance Ingredients at 714-441-3900.


Lori Stevenson
Vice-President – Sales
Proliant Health Ingredients
515-289-7621 (direct)


What Is NutraGammax?

  • New Protein Source!
  • Serum Protein Isolate – 90% protein
  • Uniqueness:
    • Rich in high molecular weight proteins with slow-release characteristics
    • Growth factors (IGF-I, TGF-B, others)
  • Guarantee 20% IgG (IgG = immunoglobulin is a naturally occurring protein that neutralizes
    pathogens at the gut level and throughout the body)
  • All natural, fast-acting
  • Low fat, naturally lactose-free, non-dairy

What are Immunoglobulins?

  • Immunoglobulins are natural antibodies<
  • Antibodies are nature’s way of defending the body against illness
  • Mode of Action?

    • Positive effect on inflammatory cytokine production (TNF-α)
      TNF-α inhibited with the use of NutraGammax, IGF-I becomes more effective in promoting
    • protein synthesis
    • The use of NutraGammax to modulate the immune response is patent-pending

    Biological effects from NutraGammax?

    • Increases Protein Efficiency
    • Increases Lean Tissue Growth
    • Reduces Inflammatory Cytokine Levels

    Clinical Studies

    • Peru: Acceptability, Safety, and Digestibility of Spray-Dried, Bovine Serum (NutraGammax) in Mixed Diets Provided to Recovering Malnourished Children - completed
    • Effects of bovine serum concentrate, with or without supplemental micronutrients, in the
    • growth, morbidity and micronutrient status of young children in low-income, peri-urban Guatemalan communities – currently in peer review
    • Evaluate two doses of NutraGammax on lean body mass, recovery, and muscle soreness vs whey and casein during intense training – completion expected 4th Qtr. 2005


    • Over 50 animal studies to supporting positive immune response, resulting in Increase lean
      body mass, stronger immunity and faster recovery


    The “What’s New” in Protein Sources

    1. What is NutraGammax?

    NutraGammax is a >90% serum protein isolate. It is also the first new protein source to come to the protein market in many years. Unlike traditional sources of protein such as casein or whey, NutraGammax is rich in naturally occurring, bioactive proteins and peptides. The bioactivity of the proteins and peptides offers the athlete benefits beyond an excellent amino acid profile.

    2. Is there science to support the use of NutraGammax in sports nutrition?

    If the processing technology would have existed, this product should have been launched many years ago because the basic science behind the product is strong. NutraGammax is a concentrate of serum, the gold-standard of all natural substances in supporting cell growth and proliferation. Human cells absolutely thrive when the media contains bovine serum. But, the idea for NutraGammax is founded on more than 50 studies that have been published in animal sciences demonstrating that plasma protein supplementation promotes growth, particularly lean tissue growth. Recent clinical studies of colostrum, a very similar substance to serum, support the concept. Antonio et al. reported improvements in bone-free lean body mass when active adults received 20 g/d of colostrum vs a control group that consumed whey. NutraGammax delivers even more of the key bioactives in colostrum at a much lower cost. (A complete set of references is available). Clinical studies in children support the safety of product (1;2)

    3. What is the mode of action?

    NutraGammax, due to its consistent, high concentration of immunoglobulins, has been shown to boost immunity
    and increase lean tissue accretion in animal studies (3-8). But, the most exciting aspect of the NutraGammax
    science is new studies that demonstrate a positive effect on inflammatory cytokine production and expression (9). The effects of NutraGammax on inflammatory cytokine production provides a partial explanation of how
    NutraGammax can promote lean tissue accretion and amino acid utilization while reducing amino acid catabolism. Recent studies of the biological roles of cytokines have opened up a new opportunity towards maximizing protein retention and lean body mass in the athlete (11-18). In addition to promoting inflammation, cytokines also elicit potent catabolic effects on skeletal muscle (19) which affects growth (20-22). Cytokine management, because of its potential to affect the catabolic component of physiological state and to reduce inflammatory mediators, has tremendous promise towards increasing lean body mass and reducing muscle soreness.

    4. How does NutraGammax compare to other proteins?

    Comparing NutraGammax to other proteins is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are fruit but they are each good in some ways and not in others. Basically, NutraGammax is a protein source with neutral taste, excellent solubility, and similar price to egg albumen. However, NutraGammax differs completely in purpose of use to other protein sources. Proteins like albumin, casein and whey can be used as sole sources of dietary protein due to a highly available, balanced, essential amino acid profile but these proteins have negligible bioactivity. NutraGammax, on the other hand, is rich in bioactive proteins, which helps promote amino acid utilization (6;8;10). The proteins are larger and more complex in structure than whey or casein (see accompanying SDS-PAGE) with a slow rate of digestion, which allows them to retain biological activity. Ideally, NutraGammax should be combined with whey or other high quality protein sources lower in molecular weight with a more rapid rate of digestion. Retaining biological activity is critical to the dual-benefit of promoting lean tissue growth and amino acid utilization while also supporting immunity.

    5. How should NutraGammax be used?

    For best results NutraGammax should be consumed in protein powders, bars or beverages at a rate of 25% of the protein in the product or, for maximum effect, 10 - 20 g of NutraGammax per day. It can be used in both postworkout (fast-digestion) and meal replacement (slow digestion) products. Athletes using both resistance and endurance training may benefit because of the positive effects on protein utilization and the opportunity for
    cytokine modulation. Methionine is the limiting amino acid in NutraGammax. For best results, NutraGammax
    should be a part of a complete, balanced nutritional program.

    Reference List

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