Announcing Nutracon 365 - Webinar: SuperFruits? Or Just Superb Fruits?

Nutracon Webinar
Announcing Nutracon 365
Nutracon is more than just an 'in-person' March Anaheim event. Now you can think of Nutracon as your education partner 365 days a year. Join us for the first of our Nutracon 365 series featuring education, science, debate and Q&A online, presenting:

SuperFruits? Or Just Superb Fruits?
June 18, 2009

10:00 PT • 1:00 ET

Separating the folklore from the facts

"Miracle foods"... "Nutrient and taste powerhouse"... "The Bernie Madoff of nutrition"... All of these accolades, criticisms and hyperboles have been used recently to describe superfruits. Indeed, the superfruits phenomenon has gained sweet success on three fronts—health, great taste, and its experiential element that resides deep in the tropics. But has the hype grown thicker than the jungles where superfruits grow so prolifically?

The Nutracon SuperFruits Webinar will take a close look superfruits' challenges and the drivers of success. Ian Crown, superfruits pioneer and farmer will share his stories about what is so super about superfruits. Also, James Joseph, PhD, Lead Scientist, Lab Chief, Laboratory of Neuroscience USDA-ARS Human Nutrition Research Center will discuss how health and wealth collide when overhyped antioxidant claims eclipse credible science—a term described in the May issue of Functional Ingredients as the ORAC Wars.

Attendees who register at full price will be entered in a drawing to win 1 conference badge for Nutracon 2010, a $995 value. All attendees who register at the full price will receive access to the available 2009 speaker presentations as an added bonus. Webinar Registration — $149 — Click Here!

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