Antares Health Products, Inc. Commences Commercial Production of Vitamin E TPGS

Antares Health Products, Inc. (AHP) announced today the commercial production commencement of vitamin E TPGS (d-alpha-tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate) for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplements and food industries. This announcement is welcome news following the decision of Eastman Chemical Company to exit the TPGS business. The available supply of TPGS on the market had dropped to critical level in recent months. With this announcement, AHP now has an inventory of TPGS to meet customers’ immediate needs.

Vitamin E TPGS is a surfactant that can be used as an emulsifier, solubilizer, bio-availability enhancer and a vehicle for a lipid-based drug formulation. With its unique properties, TPGS is widely used as an excipient in drug formulations and is rapidly expanding into the beverage and functional food markets.

“Both of our pharmaceutical and food grade TPGS products are produced in the United States and meet or exceed all applicable quality standards. Our confidence is based on the quality of our team, which combines exceptional manufacturing, technical, marketing and compliance expertise, directly applicable to this product,” said John (Jock) R. Palmer, CEO, Antares Health Products, Inc.

“I would like to assure the current customers of Eastman Chemical Company, and all others interested in TPGS, that Antares’ TPGS is a high-quality product available to meet their needs,” said Palmer.

About Antares Health Products, Inc.:

Antares Health Products, Inc. manufactures Vitamin E TPGS and EPA DHA for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and technical expertise in order to produce high-quality compliant products, which are safe and efficacious. The direct expertise and experience of the AHP team provide the basis for the leadership position of Antares as the premier producer of TPGS in the world.

For sales, samples and more information about Vitamin E TPGS, please contact our U.S. distribution partner, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, at 800.546.6113 or

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