Anti-Ageing Soft Drink—Market Trends by Country, 2002

Anti-Ageing Soft Drink—Market Trends by Country, 2002




Strong ACE drinks sector, but few products targeted more specifically at anti-ageing issues; some activity in skin health and cognitive health drinks.


Established specialist dietetic market for skincare and mental alertness drinks; more recent mainstream initiatives in the skincare mineral water drinks market.


No significant mainstream activity. 2002 launch of Contrex Radiance skincare mineral water drink; limited activity in specialist health foods market for mental agility drinks with Ginkgo biloba.

Other EU

Limited highly fragmented activity in memory and concentration drinks in various countries, mainly using Gingko biloba.


Targeted lines serve the anti-ageing market, particularly drinks for eye health following the achievement of GRAS status for lutein; supplement-style soft drinks also appearing in the joint health and skin health markets.


Established market with a particularly wide range of skincare soft drinks, mainly fortified with collagen; other key areas include glucosamine for joint health, blueberry anthocyanins for eye health and DHA for memory and concentration.

Source: Leatherhead Food International, from "Anti-ageing: Future Directions for the Food and Drinks Industry"

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