Antioxidant Vitamin E, Chocolate Are Recommended By Men's Health Magazine to Prevent Heart Ailments

WASHINGTON, July 25 -- Want to get in shape for summer and "keep your heart pumping?"

A special summer issue of Men's Health magazine recommends including antioxidant Vitamin E.

The health publication cites a study at the University of Pennsylvania that reported on the positive effects of regular aspirin intake as a preventive of heart ailments, as recommended by many doctors.

The Pennsylvania researchers then studied a combination of Vitamin E and aspirin, which Men's Health magazine found to be effective.

"Researchers found that a combination of the antioxidant (Vitamin E) and the blood-thinner (aspirin) helped reduce levels of plaque in clogged arteries by more than 80 percent," the magazine reported.

"Shoot for 800 international units (IU)" of Vitamin E, Men's Health recommends. Vitamin E is recommended by most health authorities in amounts of 400 to 800 IU daily.

Other recommendations for heart health from the magazine's August issue include consuming dark chocolate -- "cocoa contains flavonoids that thin the blood and keep it from clotting."

"And at least a third of the fat in chocolate is oleic acid, which is the same healthy, monosaturated fat found in olive oil," the magazine said.

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