AOAC Antioxidant Methods Committee Meets At Supplyside West - Last Chance for Industry Input Into Methods for Polyphenol Measurements

The AOAC antioxidant methods committee is currently at the final step of submitting the methods of choice for total polyphenol measurements to the AOAC for lab validation and eventually publication. The methods have been under great scrutiny by the FDA and the research community due to their lack of 1) understanding and 2) misuse within the industry.

Currently, methods in use are employed differently which has led to discrepencies in data being published. In an attempt to standardize the methods and application of the methods, the committee has put together a clearly defined and established method for each the Folin-Ciocalteu and the ORAC which it plans on pushing forward for AOAC approval and method validation.

This will be the last chance the Industry has to comment on the two methods and provide their insights for modifications and matrices. While food and beverage companies have been quite active in providing input to the methods committee, the dietary supplements industry, with a significant amount of expertise in this area and standing to gain much from the establishment of AOAC validated methods, has not participated to the extent to which it is capable.

Once validated and published, these methods would ultimately become the basis for FDA assessment of compliance with label claims. If the methods cannot in fact be validated in a multi-lab environment, then not only is there no chance of publication and use, those intent on using antioxidant products will likely suffer from the lack of credibility associated with method discrepencies and inconsistent data.

The meeting will be held on Nov 9th at the Sands Expo from 3:00-4:30pm, Room 4001B. For additional information and details please contact Chris Fields at [email protected], Chair of AOAC Total Polyphenols Methods Committee or (847)550-8978.

3:00 - Background on choosing the Folin and Orac methods
3:15 - Review of the current methods chosen
3:30 - Need for Standard in Method Validation - current status
3:45 - 4:20 - Open Forum for comments, questions and discussions
4:20 - Wrap up discussion

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