Applied Food Sciences Announces Patented Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate Achieves FDA Generally Recognized as Safe -- GRAS -- Status

AUSTIN, Texas--June 3, 2002--Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS(TM)) announced that its patented Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate has achieved GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status.

Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate (PHG), which is sold in bulk by AFS under the brand name Preventium(R), is one of the few nutritional ingredients which has received GRAS status by an independent third-party toxicology panel, following the recommendation guidelines published by the FDA.

Obtaining GRAS by a highly regarded safety panel allows for expanded applications in the conventional food and beverage markets.

"Technical experts at Applied Food Sciences are able to provide hands-on development assistance to explore and create innovative formulations to achieve a higher value to the consumer," noted Chris Fields, vice president of technical and quality affairs for AFS.

Among the applications for PHG fortification are a wide variety of beverages such as fruit and vegetable juices, energy and sport drinks, and breakfast drinks, as well as ready-to-eat cereals, nutrition bars, spreads, jams, jellies, and confectionaries. PHG is soluble in water and does not affect the taste profile or mouth feel of the final product.

"We are extremely excited about providing the food and beverage industry another nutritional ingredient which is safe and effective for use in conventional foods," stated Loretta Zapp, chief executive officer of AFS. "Our GRAS dossier for PHG is an excellent example of the effort and quality we put into all of our products and technologies at Applied Food Sciences."

More than 120 research publications, presentations and abstracts have shown that Glucarate possesses a wide range of detoxification and hypocholestermic properties. Studies also indicate that Glucarate may also help the body regulate hormone levels and increase overall immune health.

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Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS(TM)), based in Austin, is a company focused on the development and supply of specialized proprietary technologies such as dietary supplement ingredients, food and beverage processing technologies and functional ingredients for food and beverages.

AFS is the synergy of BioChemix Inc. and Oncology Sciences Corp. (OSC(TM)), both of Austin. Currently AFS is most well known for its patented CDG(TM) (Calcium D-Glucarate), Preventium(R) (Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate) and its coffee antioxidant enhancement technology.

CDG is a patented dietary supplement ingredient that is sold in bulk to more than 50 companies, such as Rexall Sundown, EAS, Weider Nutrition International, Twin Lab, Enzymatic Therapy and Natrol.

The coffee antioxidant enhancement technology, which has been featured in USA Today, Parade, Prevention and Newsweek, is a technology to be applied by traditional coffee roasters that can yield greater than 100 percent more polyphenol antioxidants in a cup of brewed coffee.

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