Aquagen International Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Quantum Laboratories

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- 12/11/2003 -- Aquagen International, Inc. (OTC: AQGI) today announced the signing of a Letter of Intent to acquire Quantum Laboratories, a division of Global Bioenergetics Technology, Inc., an international company that builds medical facilities, develops water enriched and bio-remediation products, located in San Ramon, CA, with additional offices in Hawaii, Connecticut and Yucatan, Mexico.

Aquagen International, Inc. today announced that it signed a letter of intent to acquire Quantum Laboratories, a division of Global Bioenergetics Technology and will hold the same as a wholly owned subsidiary. Quantum Laboratories has been a product development company with products that include an emphasis in water enriched products, anti-aging products, anti-oxidant products and a myriad of other natural products geared to promote health and rejuvenation.

"Our mission at Aquagen has always been to provide superior products and include the healing and effective medicinal properties of oxygen," said Joanne Clinger, Aquagen's CEO. "Charles Zaloumis, Quantum's CEO, came to us to explore creating a true oxygenated water and we were very intrigued by the depth of product development and the many products Quantum has that can use the infusion of oxygen to make them better, " said Clinger. "Bringing these two companies together seems natural and beneficial," concluded Clinger.

"Our parent company, Global Bioenergetics Technology, established Quantum Laboratories as a think tank for research and product development. We initially desired to develop and manufacture supplements and nutraceutical products whose primary ingredient was purified and micro-structured water," said Charles Zaloumis, Global's CEO. "We have also developed associations with traditional and complementary health care providers and scientists and we are building medical and healthcare facilities and programs and establishing physician networks wherever we go. Because of this, we have access to skilled medical and healthcare professionals, which gives us a means of evaluating and distributing these products," said Zaloumis. "We now have numerous products in some stage of development. Joining together with Aquagen makes a lot of sense for Quantum right now as we can combine our products and our medical and product development programs with Aquagen's stable marketing and management," said Zaloumis.

"We have great plans and opportunities for developing and promoting our emulsified (water based) products, including possibly building a bottling facility in Utah," said Zaloumis. "The timing for Quantum's acquisition is perfect for us at Aquagen as we are ready to open many new marketing initiatives and expand our market substantially," said Clinger. "We hope to complete this transaction before the end of the year," said Zaloumis.


Aquagen manufactures and markets products that include liquid stabilized oxygen supplements. It markets its products domestically and internationally. Its products include Aquagen®, a safe, reliable and convenient source of additional oxygen. Aquagen® is an oxygen supplement that is pH balanced and recognized by the FDA as a dietary supplement. Oxytime+® is Aquagen's unique sports energy drink. It includes the powerful combination of the amino acid L-Carnitine and stabilized oxygen. Oxytime+® provides a competitive edge for the serious athlete. Oxyzone® is a complete body conditioner. It is a combination of oxygen, magnesium peroxide and Vitamin C, working together to help cleanse and energize the body's cells and rid the body of toxins and nourish it with important nutrients.

Aquagen is listed on the Pink Sheet Exchange. For more information on Aquagen, contact Wayne Reichmann at (801) 484-2777 or visit


Global is a thirty-year-old company that originally manufactured and sold high-tech digital products. It has diversified its business and is now engaged in the medical and healthcare business, concentrating on the development, construction and operation of medical clinics and centers. The company is currently an independent company owned and operated by experienced businessmen, private physicians and healthcare specialists. The company has developed various wellness applications for its new structured and functional water products and processes. These technologies are now emerging as a new health delivery system in the field of complementary alternative medicine (CAM).

Global now focuses its energies and resources on the development of a new model for the medical community, by combining the best protocols of traditional medicine and complementary alternative medicine, the company designs, develops, constructs and operates integrated or blended medical centers through joint ventures involving independent private physicians and small- to medium-sized hospitals.


Quantum is a division of Global. It owns a myriad of products that are now developed or in some process of development, including products for rejuvenation, detoxification, treating age-related diseases and enriched water products and other products designed to enhance the length and quality of life.

For more information on Global or Quantum, contact Dr. John Fullerton at 415-460-5532 or visit our website at

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