Article on 'Building Practitioner Relationships' by Dr. Gina Nick, Appears in Current Issue of Nutraceuticals World

Laguna Niguel, CA-June 1, 2004 -- Dr. Gina Nick, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. (LTP) authors a second article in her Nutraceuticals World column on Healthcare Practitioner Marketing entitled, “Building Practitioner Relationships.” The article explains how and why meeting healthcare practitioners on their own “turf” will facilitate solid relationships and build loyalty.

Nick outlines the hurdles in reaching the lucrative healthcare practitioner market and offers pointed solutions to these impediments, one of which is through Natural Product Advisory Sessions,TM a proprietary system devised by LTP.

Nick asserts, “there is a way to get the medical community’s attention and it includes a strategy that has been used successfully by ‘Big Pharma’ for decades.” Nick goes on to discuss the intricacies of Natural Product Advisory Sessions TM a strategy that large nutraceutical companies are adopting by aligning themselves with LTP, and which promises the best and quickest return on investment.

Nutraceuticals World, published by Rodman Publishing, is one of the premier trade publications serving the needs of dietary supplement, functional food and nutritional beverage manufacturers worldwide.

About Longevity Through Prevention

Longevity Through Prevention, Inc. is a business-to-business consulting firm that offers turnkey training, scientific marketing, sales, technology and business solutions to the pharmaceutical and natural products industry.

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