Artiste Forms Strategic Alliance with Cilione s.r.l.

Artiste Flavor Essence (d.b.a. Artiste), a flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company, is pleased to announce a newly formed strategic alliance with one of Europe’s most highly regarded Italian citrus cultivators and suppliers, Cilione s.r.l. With Artiste’s expert knowledge of the flavors and fragrance industries and Cilione’s highly prized citrus oils, the parties are certain of a perfect match of great product and smart management.

The Cilione family from Calabria, Italy, own and develop some of the finest and purest citrus oils available. By aligning with Artiste, they will now be represented by a company whose passion for quality products and ingredients matches the pride and dedication of the Cilione family. Together, Artiste and Cilione expect to build business and forge new opportunities in America; leading to a growing appreciation and use of high quality citrus oils across all product categories.

“The Cilione family has an intimate knowledge of the delicate balance needed to produce high quality Citrus products,” said Mr. Joe Raimondo, Artiste’s principal. “For a century they have cultivated and extracted the best citrus. They know how to maximize their yield with no compromise to the quality of the products they produce, and their experience drives efficiencies across all citrus applications.”

According to Raimondo, this is a unique time in history for smaller, highly-specialized companies who are passionate about their products and who can rise above bigger suppliers by producing ingredients with pricing that makes sense in today’s challenging marketplace. “Without question, Cilione has the purity and consistency of quality, technical capabilities and high energy to meet the market demands for high-performance citrus oils.”

As Raimondo states, not all Citrus is created equal. “The industry will be excited to have the great variety of oils offered by Cilione. There are more than 50 different types of lemon, orange, mandarin and bergamot, in all their various forms; including folded, decolorized, terpeneless, etc.”

Partnering with suppliers is nothing new for Raimondo, who has been in the business of building strategic alliances with niche companies that create, mix and sell flavor and fragrance ingredients for over 30 years. As small operations, such companies appreciate marketing partners that understand their strengths, fulfill their needs and represent their products with the utmost integrity.

Artiste’s customers include a wide range of consumer food, beverage and fragranced products manufacturers, as well as business-to-business flavor and fragrance companies. The company maintains partnerships that allow it to access specialized services and resources to permit the organization to offer comprehensive research, applications and formulations capabilities much like its larger competitors, along with commodity products and pricing.

As Raimondo explains, “From its inception, Artiste has been in the business of building solid relationships with our suppliers and with customers. To continue to grow this network of alliances, we have taken an important step in building our company and establishing a much stronger presence in the flavor, fragrance and related markets. After years in business, we are in a position to know the trends, know the players, and have a hand securely on the pulse of the industries we serve.”

About Artiste
Artiste Flavor Essence (d.b.a. Artiste) is a service-oriented, entrepreneurial flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company. Through its network of partnerships, Artiste offers its clients an integrated branding program which includes strategic marketing support and visibility in the markets they want to build. Artiste prides itself on the ability to become an integrated part of the customer’s team, satisfying the strictest expectations of performance and quality, while always being accountable to the customer’s cost parameters and constraints. Artiste. Defining the specialty ingredients experience. Visit

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