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AST Sports Science Launches MHC 750(TM)

Golden, CO, June 2005 – AST Sports Science, worldwide sports nutrition company, has announced the launch of a new breakthrough supplement for muscle growth, MHC 750™ or Myosin Heavy Chain. MHC 750™ directly stimulates muscle synthesis and prevents muscles from breaking down during intense exercise.

MHC 750™ is a leucine rich supplement shown in research to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, coupled with mRNA or messenger RNA it literally starts the process of copying DNA to make protein for building and repairing muscle.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is another essential component of MHC 750™. The high dose of NAC in MHC 750™ is shown to shift the whole body from nitrogen disposal toward tissue synthesis (anabolism) and away from protein loss (catabolism).

For bodybuilders: Intense weight training stimulates a muscle-building response for up to 48 hours after every workout. MHC 750™ can be taken alone or with your favorite protein supplement throughout the day and night to amplify this muscle-building response and speed the synthesis of new contractile proteins.

For endurance athletes: MHC 750™ can be taken before, during and after the event or training with your favorite sports beverage to stimulate the cellular mechanisms that speed the recovery of muscle protein.

For those who want to lose unwanted body fat: Clinical trials and indirect evidence suggest that taking a cysteine/leucine-rich supplement such as MHC 750™ will increase the concentration of L-leucine and cysteine in the diet to enhance fat loss and preserve lean body mass as well as help stabilize blood glucose levels which helps to eliminate hunger pangs.

MHC 750™ comes with 100 capsules per bottle. For best results take 2 capsules before and 2 capsules after training. To order MHC 750™ contact AST Sports Science at (800) 627-2788 or go to

About AST Sports Science

AST Sports Science, based in Golden, CO, world leader in sports nutrition for 18 years, continues to be at the forefront of advancing athletic performance through the development of sports nutrition and performance supplements. For more information about AST go to or call 800.627.2788.

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For More Information Contact:
Tiffany Levine
AST Sports Science

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