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AstaREAL included in award winning chocolate product

Fuji Health Science, Inc. has announced that AstaREAL astaxanthin was included as an ingredient in the new award winning chocolate product, GOOD CACAO.

Fuji Health Science, Inc. has announced that AstaREAL® astaxanthin was included as an ingredient in the new award winning chocolate product, "GOOD CACAO™". GOOD CACAO was recently awarded the 2011 NutrAward for "Best New Product" at this year's NUTRACON conference in Anaheim, CA. The NutrAward program was created to reward and recognize companies that are investing in rigorous and measurable scientific studies to prove the efficacy of their propGood Cacao and Fuji Health Sciencerietary ingredients, products or technologies.

Paul Frantellizzi, founder and CEO of GOOD CACAO LLC stated, "We are honored to be recognized as a pioneer in the merging of healthful ingredients with good taste in our award winning, Superfood Chocolate® bars."

AstaREAL astaxanthin is the powerful antioxidant featured by Dr. Nicholas Perricone in his newest book, "FOREVER YOUNG". Astaxanthin was also recently featured on the Dr. OZ television show as "The #1 Supplement You've Never Heard of That You Should Be Taking".

Joseph Kuncewitch, National Sales Manager of Fuji commented, "Chocolate is the perfect partner for astaxanthin with compatible components and antioxidant capacity, however, the best part of the combination of ingredients in GOOD CACAO is the great taste."

AstaREAL is the global brand of the premium natural astaxanthin produced by Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in fully enclosed bio-systems in Gustavsberg, Sweden. Fuji has been the foremost sponsor of research on astaxanthin uncovering functional benefit to human health. Early studies of AstaREAL discovered its ability to increase muscle endurance and recovery. This discovery lead Fuji to sponsor further research in areas such as eye fatigue (tired eyes), improved fertility and skin health. In a quest to understand the mechanisms of action for human benefit, studies also probed causative areas such as antioxidant capacity, gene expression, improved blood flow and inflammatory markers.

GOOD CACAO LLC, a Boise, Idaho company, is the world's first producer of an organic, whole-food chocolate product created out of a desire to move away from highly processed foods containing pesticides and hormones. GOOD CACAO was founded to deliver a best-in-class, organic functional chocolate product with a strong eco-message and uncompromising taste.

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